Black History Month Strategy

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Black History Month is right around the corner. If you’re still trying to figure out “what to do,” I’ll be honest, you’re behind but never fear!    Here are 3 meaningful and strategic internal actions your company can still take to honor and engage this #blackhistorymonth.  

1️⃣ Share progress on an existing #DEI commitment, goal or initiative. What have you said? How’s it going? Have there been challenges? What are you learning? What can people expect next? How can they get involved? This demonstrates transparency, sets accountability, fosters #collaboration and brings the organization along on the company’s DEI journey. 🛣 ✨  

2️⃣ Spotlight your own DEI team, champions and the impact they’re making. This helps to personalize the work and gives employees the chance to celebrate and learn from their peers. 👏🏾 ✨  

3️⃣  Give people tangible ways to get involved. Whether it’s encouraging employees to participate in an Employee Resource Group or a self-identification survey, explain how their participation will help the company meet specific DEI and #business goals. Driving DEI forward is everyone’s job. Things land and move if people can see themselves as part of the equation and understand how the efforts benefit their job and the business overall.  📄 ✨ Before you start scheduling planning meetings, a few things I need to call out… 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾 ➡ I share these recommendations under the assumption that your company has a DEI strategy. Any BHM or DEI-related activation needs to be grounded in an overarching DEI strategy that the company consistently evaluates, measures and evolves. One-off tactics are performative and can feel disconnected from the business.  ➡  In case you missed it, the suggestions above are meant to be internal-facing – activations to engage employees and appropriate partners. I always advise clients to get their own house in order before shouting their DEI ambitions or “progress” from the mountaintops. If you already have an established voice, presence and perspective on DEI and have done work to support the Black community, an external post, announcement or reflection could be appropriate. If not, start with your own people and build from there.  ➡  If you’ve made commitments and promises, but haven’t done much, being able to demonstrate action is critical. This goes for internal and external audiences.  ➡  Finally, your company should support, celebrate and honor the Black community all year long. BHM might be where you start or pick up the pace, but it’s definitely not where you stop.  Hope this is helpful. Visit my website, DM or email me ( with questions or thoughts! 👩🏽💻 📧  #diversity #equity #inclusion #blackhistorymonth #communications #employeeengagement #amarisworks

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